• Bembana Valley - Orobie Alps - Bergamo - Italy



Cornello dei Tasso The Brembana Valley is known by everyone thanks to its natural beauties and wonderful landscapes, for its health and ski resorts and its thermal spas. The Brembana Valley is also an extraordinary place rich of art and traditions. The great wealth of the Brembana Valley museums deserves to be better known and appreciate because of its real value and the care in the conservation of the manufactured articles. Indeed, it's remarkable the care with which all the villages of the Valley gather, preserve and appreciate their heritage. Some of those museums (above all the two museums of Zogno) were built thanks to the effort of private citizens that spent industriously their time, their energies and their resources in the research of objects of their land and of their history, that could testify their cultural identity.

Camerata Cornello In these museums you can find sacred art, tools, traditional dresses, minerals or fossils, and these places show you how the Valley loves its traditions and is jealous and proudly devoted to its cultural heritage. Recently other museums have been built thanks to public funds. For example the extraordinary museum of Valtorta, where you can't help admiring the tools displayed and, above all, the charm of the building where they are kept: the mill and the hammer restored with a precision that you can find only in a big ethnographic museum. If you spend your summer holidays in this Valley, visit those museums, it can give you an interesting cultural chance, they can be the destination of a trip where you enjoy art and natural beauties.

Museo di Arlecchino You haven't to forget that for a lot of centuries, the Brembana Valley, through the PRIULA road and SAN MARCO pass, was one of the most important way of communication between the Padana plain and the Grisons: everything enrichs the museums of the Valley show you how important was its role in the past.